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Bids, Notices & Solicitations




Summary of Bidding Requirements

The Housing Authority of the City of McAllen (PHA) requests sealed bids from qualified organizations for the purchase of:

one (1) full size ½ ton pickup truck and

one (1) medium sized cargo van with certain accessories.

Interested parties should contact Executive Director Rodolfo "Rudy" Ramirez, at 1200 N. 25th St., McAllen Texas or by phone at (956) 686-3951 for specifications. You may also view specifications online at

Qualified Section 3 respondents will receive preference and Minority, Women's and Historically Underutilized Businesses are encouraged to reply. Bids must be addressed to Mr. Rodolfo "Rudy" Ramirez Executive Director and received no later than Thursday, May 11, 2023 by 2:00 p.m. CST.  






CSP-MCHA 02-2022 - Administration Building Carport Additions


PROJECT: Administration Building Carports                                      

OWNER: McAllen Housing Authority
1200 N. 25th St.
McAllen, TX 78501

ARCHITECT: Milnet Architectural Services
608 South 12th Street
McAllen, Texas 78501                                     

RFCSB DEADLINE: Thursday, March 9, 2023 @ 3:00 p.m.

Bids will be opened publicly the same day at 3:15 p.m.

INVITATION: Your firm is invited to submit Competitive Sealed Proposals to the Owner, at the Owner's address indicated above, for the work described above, on or before the RFCSP deadline indicated above.

PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE: A Pre-Proposal Conference will be conducted at the McAllen Housing Authority, project site located at 2501 Maple Ave., McAllen, TX 78501 on Wednesday, February 15th at 10:00am. All contractors proposing to submit competitive sealed proposals on this project are strongly encouraged to attend.

INSPECTION OF SITE: The site is accessible for inspection at other times upon notification to Mr. Daniel Delgado, Deputy Director, at (956) 686-3951. Proposers are encouraged to visit the campuses and assess existing conditions.

PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS: Electronic copies of the Bid Documents, including Drawings and Project Manual (Bid Requirements & Contract Forms, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, Specifications) may be obtained, from the Architect's office via email request to: No hardcopies will be provided. Copies of the Bid Documents are on file at Builders Exchange of Texas and at the local Associated General Contractors (AGC) and Dodge Plan Rooms.

PROPOSAL SECURITY: Proposers will be required to provide Proposal Security in the form of a Proposal Bond in the amount of 5 percent of the largest possible total proposal, including consideration of alternates, with each proposal.  A Proposal Bond shall be issued by a Surety acceptable to the Owner and meeting the requirements of General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. Proposal Bonds shall be prepared on forms meeting all the requirements of applicable States of Texas statues.  Proposal Bonds shall be issued on forms acceptable to the Owner and shall include, as a minimum standard, the information, requirements and standard illustrated by AIA Document A310, latest revised edition available.  Failure to provide the Proposal Bond with the proposal will constitute a non-responsive proposal and the proposal will not be considered.

PERFORMANCE AND LABOR AND MATERIAL PAYMENT BONDS: The successful offeror will be required to provide 100% Performance and Labor and Materials Payment Bonds in strict conformance with all the requirements of the Contract Documents.  Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the contract award and forfeiture of the Proposal Bond security as liquidated damages. Bonds (required for construction contracts that exceed $50,000)

Offerors shall be required to submit a bid guarantee from each bidder equivalent to 5% of the bid price.

The successful bidder shall furnish an assurance of completion. This assurance may be any one of the following four:

  1. A performance and payment bond in a penal sum of 100% of the contract price; or
  2. Separate performance and payment bonds, each for 50% or more of the contract price; or
  3. A 20% cash escrow; or
  4. A 25% irrevocable letter of credit.

These bonds must be obtained from guarantee or surety companies acceptable to the U. S. Government and authorized to do business in the State where the work is to be performed. Individual sureties shall not be considered. U. S. Treasury Circular Number 570 lists companies approved to act as sureties on bonds securing Government contracts, the maximum underwriting limits on each contract bonded, and the States in which the company is licensed to do business. Use of companies on this circular is mandatory.

PROPOSAL WITHDRAWAL: Proposals will be required to be submitted under a condition of irrevocability for a period of 60 days after submission.  No proposal may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days.

SECTION 3: The McAllen Housing Authority encourages Section 3 Businesses to submit competitive sealed bids for this project. For more information on Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (Section 3) please visit:

OWNER'S RIGHT OF REJECTION: The Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any or all offers (competitive sealed proposals).


McAllen Housing Facility Corporation RFQ/P 2021 -01

Request for Qualifications and Proposals

Developer Services - Affordable Housing Development

The McAllen Housing Facility Corporation (MHFC), a non-profit instrumentality of the Housing Authority of the City of McAllen (McAHA) is requesting statements of qualifications and proposals from qualified individuals and/or firms interested in partnering with MHFC to develop affordable housing developments using Low Income Housing Tax Credits and/or other financing.

The informational packet to respond to this Request for Qualifications and Proposals can be obtained electronically in PDF format. To request an electronic copy, please email Rodolfo "Rudy" Ramirez - Executive Director at or one can be picked up at 1200 N. 25th St., McAllen, Texas. Please call the MHFC main office at 956-686-3951 to setup an appointment to receive a hard copy of the RFQ/P informational packet.

This solicitation is a rolling RFQ/P and will be open for a period of one (1) year. Responsive proposals to this RFQ/P can be submitted to MHFC beginning Thursday September 09, 2021 through Thursday September 08, 2022 by 3:00 P.M. 

Date: 09-08-2022

Notice to all respondents:

The following addendum is issued in reference to RFQ/P 2021-01 Developer Services - Affordable Housing Development. The original RFQ/P documents and any previously issued addenda remain in full force and effect, except as modified by this Addendum, which is hereby made part of the above referenced RFP. Respondent shall take this Addendum into consideration when preparing and submitting its Proposal.

RFQ/P 2021-01 Developer Services - Affordable Housing Development has been extended for an additional year. Respondents may submit a proposal in response to this solicitation from September 09, 2022 through September 12, 2023 by 3:00 PM.