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McAllen Housing Authority
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About MHA

The McAllen Housing Authority is a governmental entity created by the City of McAllen, Texas in 1939 for the acquisition, development, modernization, operation, and administration of public housing programs. The primary purpose of the Authority is to provide safe, decent, sanitary, and affordable housing to low income and elderly families in the City of McAllen, Texas. The housing programs are operated in accordance with the Housing and Urban Development guidelines.

The McAllen Housing Authority administers the following programs:

  1. Public Housing
  2. Capital Fund Program
  3. Housing Choice Vouchers
  4. Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program
  5. Veteran’s Assistance Supportive Housing (VASH)
  6. Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV)
  7. Stability Vouchers (SV)

Currently, The Housing Authority’s Public Housing program serves eighty-nine (89) families at the following properties:

  1. Retama Village Phase I
  2. Retama Village Phase II

The Housing Choice Voucher Program serves one thousand three hundred forty-eight (1,348) families.


The McAllen Housing Facility Corporation (MHFC), a component unit of the Housing Authority, was created and organized by action of the Housing Authority in 1987 under the provisions of Chapter 303, Texas Local Government Code, for the purpose of providing a means of financing the costs of residential ownership and development that will provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for persons of low and moderate income at prices they can afford.

Currently, McAllen Housing Facility Corporation is owner of the following properties:

  1. Sunset Garden Apartments. Seventy units located at 3101 Jordan Avenue
  2. Orchid Place Apartments: Seventy-seven units located at 4112 Orchid Avenue
  3. Villas at Beaumont: Thirty-six units located at 2200 Beaumont Avenue 


The Housing Authority of the City of McAllen receives funding solely from the U.S. Department of Housing’s and Urban Development. On average the Authority receives approximately $5,000,000 for all major programs.