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McAllen Housing Authority
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MHA Meeting Minutes September 17, 2020


Thursday, September 17, 2020

CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL - The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the McAllen Housing Authority was held Thursday, September 17, 2020, via teleconference. Chairman Ronnie Cruz called the meeting to order at 3:16 p.m. present and attendance for roll call were:


  • Chairman, Ronnie Cruz
  • Vice-Chairwoman, Elva M. Cerda
  • Commissioner, Eliseo "Tito" Salinas


  • Commissioner, Rodrigo "Rudy" Elizondo
  • Resident Commissioner
  • PHA Attorney


  • Executive Director, Rodolfo "Rudy'' Ramirez
  • Deputy Director, Daniel Delgado
  • Finance Director, Joe Garcia Finance
  • Assistant, Jamie Ayala
  • FSS Coordinator, Maria Loredo
  1. Call Meeting to Order - 3:16PM

  2. Public Comment - No Public Comment

  3. Action Items:
    1. Discussion and Possible Action to Approve Meeting Minutes of Regular Board Meeting for August 2020. Vice-Chairwoman, Elva M. Cerda addressed minor corrections to Item (f) revision of pre-application to clarify reasonable accommodation. Bottom of page 4 Remove "and Community Affairs" out of place. Chairman Ronnie Cruz entertained a motion to approve Meeting Minutes. Vice-Chairwoman Elva Cerda made a motion to approve; seconded by Commissioner Eliseo "Tito" Salinas. All approved; motion carried.

    2. Discussion and Possible Action to Approve FSS Action Plan. Executive Director, Rodolfo "Rudy" Ramirez stated updates to FSS Action Plan have been completed; last revision of FSS Action Plan was in 2009. FSS Coordinator, Maria Loredo noted that changes include current events, demographic, outreach partner resource data, income levels, and household numbers. Vice-Chairwoman, Elva M. Cerda asked about issue with FSS Escrow account being out of balance. Deputy Director, Daniel Delgado stated that it was the FSS Grant not matching numbers in Lindsey vs bank account noted that it's something that is still pending, is being looked into, and will be presented. Vice- Chairwoman, Elva M Cerda suggests that it is something that should be looked into regularly. Deputy Director, Daniel Delgado stated once approved updated revised FSS Action Plan will be submitted to HUD. Chairman Ronnie Cruz entertained a motion to approve completed FSS Action Plan. Vice­-Chairwoman Elva M. Cerda made a motion to approve; seconded by Commissioner Eliseo "Tito" Salinas. All approved; motion carried.

  4. Non-Action Items:
    • Executive Director's Report
      1. ConnectHomeUSA Initiative
        Resident Services will be submitting ConnectHomeUSA application addressing the digital divide. The initiative will help residents of all ages with digital literacy, education, and technology basics. Letter of support was requested from the City of McAllen Mayor and Region One Education Service Center, both letters of support have been endorsed by entities above. Application will be submitted this coming Friday, initiative will line up with FSS, Resident Services, LURA and EnVision Center. Residents Services is also currently working on survey to address digital divide and see how many residents are disconnected. The agency will look into setting up the computers available to our residents. Las Palomas grass and fence issue have been taken care of by our agency and we will bill appropriate owner. Request for VASH Vouches has been submitted multiple times. Danny Garcia w/HUD confirmed email regarding ten additional VASH vouchers, waiting for final response that can take 30 to 60 days, if approved we would have a total of 20 extra VASH Vouchers. RAD Conversion update, spoke to attorney problem is 89 units imbedded in Retama, HUD group doesn't want the loose, recommendation by attorney is to restitute, evaluate our inventory, and check financials to see what's useful and can help us. Hibiscus Property has already been zoned engineer field work has started along with soil testing, official state letter has been received.

    • Board Retreat Update
      • Scheduled for Wednesday September 23, 2020 from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Financial Report as of 6/30/2020
      • McAllen public housing total assets of 2.8 million verse last year's assets of 4.2 million, 1.3 million variances due primarily to the transfer out of Vine Terrace. Most of the assets have decreased into negative form reduced as result to transfer out. Liabilities are nominal in size from $38,000 to $88,000, increase in liability of $49,000. Some line items will change, but additional adjustments remained relatively flat. Income statement of operating revenue for McAllen Housing is at $904,000 compared to 1.2 million from the year's a decrease of almost $357,000 due to lose in revenue from the transfer of Vine Terrence. Administrative expenses $388,000 to $363,000 an improvement. Total operating expenses last year $1.10 million, this year $869,000 an improvement in expenses of $140,000 with an overall net income $34,000 verses lasts years' net change of $216,000, due to the loss in revenue of Vine Terrence. Section 8 balance sheet, assets of $1.9 million verse last year's asset of $960,000 improvement of total assets of $937,000, due to improvement in cash position. Section 8 income statement, overall revenue of $7.4 million compared to last year's $6.4 million increase due to funding source related to COVID and Vine conversion of 49 units. COVID related monies $154,000 received in May and $192,000 received in August which will be reflected in current fiscal year, an overall total of over $300,000. More HAP revenue and more Admin fees revenue because of RAD conversion is also associated to increase of Section 8 income statement. Section 8 Administrative expenses, higher than usual by $99,000 related to additional staffing, shifting in payout locations. Housing assistance payments up by $500,000, means more funding for next year. Combined comparative balance sheet for McAllen Housing Authority. Accumulative, $6.5 million in total assets compared to last year' s $5.1million, an improvement of 1.4 million in cash. Total assets, $18 million compared to last year's $17 million an improvement of $1.6 million. Deposits, $2.1million compared to lasts years $1.7 million, an increase of $451,000. Overall the agency gained $1.6 million in net assets, includes account receivables. Combined income statement total for operating revenue was $10.3 million compared to last year's $9 million and increase due to additional funding received from HUD. Overall operating expenses of $9.5 million compare to last year's $8.5 million an increase of $898,000, increase is due to housing assistance, other expenses, an increase in salary expenses, overall better by $300,000.
  5. Board Agenda Request for October 2020 - none

  6. Adjournment Chairman Ronnie Cruz called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was made by Commissioner Eliseo "Tito" Salinas; second by Vice-Chairwoman Elva M. Cerda. All approved; motioned carried. Meeting adjourned at 4:17 p.m.

Rodolfo "Rudy" Ramirez, Executive Director

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