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McAllen Housing Authority
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Income Limits

The following income restriction provisions apply to applicants for admission to the Housing Choice Voucher Programs:

  • An applicant must be a very low-income family, which is defined as a family whose annual income does not exceed 50% of the area median income.
  • Applicants in excess of the very low-income limits but within the low income limits (80% of the area median income) will only be admitted based on the following criteria:
    • A low-income family that is continuously assisted under the 1937 Housing Act. An applicant is continuously assisted if the family has received assistance under any 1937 Housing Act program within 120 days of voucher issuance.
    • A low-income family displaced by rental rehabilitation activity under 24CFR part 511.
    • A low-income non-purchasing family residing in a project subject to homeownership program under 24CFR 248.173.
    • A low-income or moderate-income family that is displaced as a result of a prepayment of a mortgage or voluntary termination of mortgage insurance contracts under 24 CFR 248.165.
    • A low-income family that qualifies for voucher assistance as a non-purchasing family residing in a project subject to a resident home ownership program.
  • To determine if the family is income-eligible, MHA will compare the Annual Income of the family to the applicable income limit for the family's size.
  • Families whose Annual Income exceeds the income limit will be denied admission and offered an informal review.
  • Families using portability must be within MHA’s applicable income limits at the time of initial lease up in MHA’s jurisdiction.
  • 75% of all newly admitted applicants must fall within 30% of the area median income.